Facial Treatments

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A series of proposals dedicated to the beauty of the face for a fresh, radiant and youthful skin. A calm and relaxing atmosphere frames the pleasantness of the treatments to make your stay at Hotel La Residence even more enjoyable.

Luxury Silver Face 50 min

Recommended for all skin types, against premature ageing and the stress of city smog, the “Luxury Silver Face” facial treatment uses two precious active ingredients: snail slime and barley malt extract.

The snail slime is derived from the natural secretion of snail and is rich in natura glycolic acid, collagen, elastin and vitamins A, C, E and allantoin, for a regenerating and moisturising effect.

Themalt extract is rich in polyphenols and ferulic acid with anti-oxidative properties and protects the skin against free radical damage.

A soft exfoliating scrub with jojoba microspheres and a peel-off mask with mineral extracts and thermal water boost this beauty ritual, giving the skin an immediate smoothing and velvety effect. It is ideal to fight wrinkles, acne marks, scars, skin blemishes, redness, irritation and stretch marks.

Luxury Hematite 80 min

As precious as hematite crystals, the effective result of GB research, the Luxury Hematite ritual, completely dedicated to the face, neck and neck area, represents the anti-ageing treatment par excellence, suitable for demanding women and men.

Thermal spring water, active plant oxygen extracted from soya shoots and precious iridescent black crystals of natural haematite make this treatment a unique combination of beneficial substances to fight ageing.

It acts on the tone and elasticity of the skin giving it radiance, nourishment and moisture preserving youth in a natural way with visible results from the very first treatment. The synergy of various massage manuals and a unique multi-sensory activation contribute to relieving stress and tension bestowing relaxed features and offering a deep relaxation effect.

Desensitising and Smoothing Facial Treatment 50 min

Suitable for particularly sensitive skin or skin stressed by air pollution, it has a soothing and desensitising action. The thistle extracts, the repairing action of Gotu Kola and calendula, with nourishing and softening properties, are the main ingredients of this pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Detoxing Thermal Facial Treatment 50 min

The treatment goal: rid the skin of toxins and impurities and make it glow.

Purified, thanks to the action of mature Abano Mud with its extraordinary properties, the skin breathes and glows; while Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid and Iris extract provide a moisturising, regenerating, and firming action.

Anti-Stress Facial Treatment 50 min

This treatment acts on the effects of stress and time by providing radiance, tone, hydration and nourishment.

Rose, lavender and amber fragrances relax the features, hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, while thistle repairing action and oak extracts antioxidant effects complete this wonderful moment to dedicate to oneself.

Eye and Lip Contour Treatment 25 min

A gel mask based on hyaluronic acid that hydrates and fillsthe lips for plumping effect.

A concentrated active complex with extracts of Gotu Kola and horse chestnut to combat swelling while the caffeine reactivates the microcirculation, and rejuvenate the eyes bestowing youthfulness. This treatment is excellent when combined with all GB facial treatments.

Face lymph drainage 25 min

A massage technique that is the most valid and effective solutions for theelimination of excess fluids and toxins.

It promotes cell regeneration by visibly eliminating oedemas to leave the face with more relaxed features. Ideal for those who like a delicate touch.

Antistress Face Massage 25 min

Ideal to regenerate, tone and relax the face, the anti-stress facial massage offers excellent results to fight ageing and relax facial muscles.

Deeply relaxing, it is ideal to combine with facial or body treatments.

Thermal Facial Cleansing 50 min

The thermal facial cleansing massage is a deep and effective massage for mixed and impure skin: a vegetable exfoliant combined with steam and completed by a mask of Abano Mature Mud activated by an innovative cosmetic agent that deeply moisturises and purifies. It is necessary to start all facial treatments.

Gentle Facial Cleansing 50 min

Dedicated to all sensitive skins in need of attention, this gentle facial cleansing leaves the skin cleansed and free of impurities, ready to receive any treatment. The repairing action of thistle and soothing action of calendula guarantee a gentle treatment.


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