Our staff

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Professionalism, hospitality, and competence

Hotel La Residence is proud to introduce you to the members of its staff . Highly qualified and passionate professionals who strive every day to offer first-class service and an unforgettable experience to their guests.

The reception area

The beating heart of hospitality

Meticulous attention to detail is our top priority, as we strive to anticipate and meet our guests’ every wish, to make their stay unforgettable. 

The kitchen team

Creative and talented chefs

A family of talents united by a passion for the art of flavours and hospitality. 

The restaurant team

Mario and Davide

Their impeccable coordination and commitment translate into excellent service and attention to detail.

The thermal spa team

A Guide for our Guests on a Journey of Renewal

More than just therapists: they are guardians of well-being, ready to listen and understand the needs of our guests.

Floor service

Care in every detail

Every detail is taken care of, because we know that even the smallest action can make a difference.

Our medical team

Expertise and experience at the service of our guests’ well-being

We are proud to have a medical team of excellence